About Company

GALAT is a Slovenian company, specialising in investments, business counselling and business services.
The company GALAT was founded in the year 1990 in Maribor, Slovenia. In the 1990s it was among the pioneers of entrepreneurship in Slovenia. It was one of the first private real estate and engineering companies that came into being in the newly independent Slovenia. Later, it primarily focused on the building industry and executed the final construction works on nearly all significant construction sites in Maribor and the wider surroundings. Subsequently, GALAT opened the largest specialized dry-construction centre in northeast Slovenia, which served as the main provider of dry-construction materials for the largest construction sites in Maribor until 2002. In that year the company witnessed a strategic reorientation, whereby investment and business services became the primary business activities of the newly founded ‘GALAT dps’ and ‘GALAT’. This remained the central focus of the company up to this day. Currently, GALAT provides counseling on investment opportunities and is carrying out several investment projects in Croatia and within the Balkans region.